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85598 Baldham (Germany)

Work Hours
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3.Our Partners (ENG)

Our representations and franchises

We distribute the following brands:

Integrated Circuits
referencial image: FMSH logo
FMSH develops and manufactures ASIC’s as well as EEPROMS and FLASH memories compatible with STM and Microchip
referencial image: Seaward logo
Seaward Electronics specialises in analogue and mixed-signal circuit design.
Discrete Components
referencial image: Good Ark logo
Good Ark is a manufacturer of discrete components, including transistors, diodes, MOSFETs…
referencial image: TopDiode logo
TopDiode has been manufacturing a wide range of diodes and transistors since 1996
referencial image: UF Capacitors logo
UF Capacitors is a brand of the TopDiode group. UF provides its customers with a wide range of capacitors including: Ceramic (SMD & THT), Tantalum (Radial & SMD), Aluminium, Polyester, Polypropylene (MKP’s) etc.
Quartz and Oscillators
referencial image: SJK logo
Since 1989, SJK has been manufacturing quartz crystals, oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, OCXO, resonators and ceramic filters as well as SAW products
referencial image: EnterTec logo
EnterTec Technology specialises in the design and production of RF connectors and cable assemblies.
LED’s and Optoelectronics
referencial image: LED Color logo
LED COLOR offers a complete range of products and solutions including LEDs, digital LED strips, COB and neon strips, adjustable CCT, RGBW and more