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Precision timing is one of the most basic requirements for so many electronic devices that we take for granted, yet how many of us pause to re-evaluate the supply of these components that enables this to happen?

The quartz crystal is our go-to standard when we need a well-known, affordable and stable clock frequency for our microprocessors and other digital circuits.

If what you need is extremely cost effective solutions and short lead times from a reliable and trustworthy source, look below.

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Series Photo Size / Pins Frequency Range Frequency Tolerance Operaring Temperature Load Capacitance Data Sheet
X6A Crystal 49U / 2 leads 1~150MHz ±20ppm -20~+70ºC 12~32pF
X6B Crystal 49S, 49SS / 2 leads 3~100MHz ±10ppm -40~+85°C 12~32pF
X6C Crystal 49SMD, 49SSMD / 2 pins 3~100MHz ±10ppm -40~85°C 12~32pF
X6P Crystal Mini 49SSMD / 2 pins 3~100MHz ±10ppm -40~85°C 12~32pF
X6D Crystal UM-1, UM-5 / 2 leads 4~200MHz ±20ppm -20~+70°C 9~50pF
X6Z Crystal Ø2×6mm, Ø3×8mm Cylind. / 2 leads 3.579~50MHz ±10ppm -20~+70°C 12~32pF
X7S Crystal 1.2×1.0mm SMD / 4 pins 36~54MHz ±15ppm -20~+70°C 6~20pF
X7Y Crystal 1.6×1.2mm SMD / 4 pins 24~54MHz ±10ppm -20~+70°C 6~32pF
X7F Crystal < 2.0×1.6mm SMD / 4 pins 16~96MHz ±10ppm -40~85°C 6~32pF
X7E Crystal 2.5×2.0mm SMD / 4 pins 12~54MHz ±10ppm -40~+85°C 8~32pF
X7U Crystal 3.2×2.5mm SMD / 4 pins 10~64MHz ±10ppm -40~+85°C 8~32pF
X7I Crystal 5.0×3.2mm SMD / 4 pins 8~125MHz ±10ppm -40~+85°C 10~32pF
X6J Crystal 6.0×3.5mm SMD / 2 pins 8~100MHz ±10ppm -40~+85°C 10~32pF
X6G Crystal 6.0×3.5mm SMD / 4 pins 8~100MHz ±10ppm -40~+85°C 10~32pF
X6F Crystal 7.0×5.0mm SMD / 4 pins 6~160MHz ±10ppm -40~+85°C 16~32pF
X7Z Glass Crystal 2.5×2.0mm SMD / 4 pins 12~64MHz ±10ppm -20~+70°C 8~32pF
X7V Glass Crystal 3.2×2.5mm SMD / 2~4 pins 8~64MHz ±10ppm -40~+85°C 8~32pF
X6I Glass Crystal 5.0×3.2mm SMD / 2~4 pins 8~64MHz ±10ppm -40~+85°C 10~32pF